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Adora Tablet


Adora Tablet is a calcium supplement containing calcium carbonate and vitamin D, designed to improve bone strength and health. It is suitable for individuals with osteoporosis, rickets, growth issues, and delayed callus development.


Adora Tablet: uses, benefits, side effects and dosage

Adora Tablet is a calcium supplement designed to meet a variety of bone-related issues and nutritional requirements. Each pill, which contains calcium carbonate and vitamin D, is intended to greatly improve bone strength and general health. It provides a flexible treatment for those with osteoporosis, rickets, growth problems, and fractures with delayed callus development.


Adora Tablet is used for:

  • Bone Strengthening
  • Osteoporosis Management
  • Rickets Treatment
  • Growth Promotion
  • Fracture Healing
  • Mineral Support During Pregnancy
  • Mineral Support During Lactation

Uses in Urdu:

ہڈیوں کی مضبوطی۔
آسٹیوپوروسس کا انتظام
رکٹس کا علاج
ترقی کا فروغ
فریکچر کی شفا یابی
حمل کے دوران معدنی معاونت
دودھ پلانے کے دوران معدنی معاونت


Key benefits of Adora tablets include:

  • Bone Strengthening: A primary benefit of these pills lies in their ability to contribute to bone strengthening.
  • Osteoporosis Management: Particularly effective in treating osteoporosis, it ensures improved bone density and health.
  • Rickets Treatment: Addresses rickets, a condition characterized by deformed bones in children.
  • Promotes Growth: It supports growth, making it beneficial for individuals with growth-related concerns.
  • Fracture Healing: Used for fractures with delayed callus formation, aiding in the healing process.
  • Mineral Support During Pregnancy: Essential for meeting increased mineral requirements during pregnancy.
  • Mineral Support During Lactation: Safe for lactating mothers, offering necessary mineral support.

Side effects:

Some side effects of Adora tablets are:

  • Belching (Burping):
  • Description: Occasional burping may occur as a common side effect.
  • Gas:
  • Description: Some individuals may experience increased gas as a result of taking Adora tablets.
  • Nausea:
  • Description: Nausea, a sensation of discomfort in the stomach with a tendency to vomit, can occur in some cases.
  • Vomiting:
  • Description: The act of forcefully expelling the contents of the stomach may occur as a side effect.
  • Loss of appetite:
  • Description: A decrease in the desire to eat or a lack of interest in food may be observed.
  • Headache:
  • Description: Pain or discomfort in the head may manifest as a side effect.
  • Weakness:
  • Description: A state of reduced physical strength or energy levels may be experienced.
  • Mood Changes:
  • Description: Changes in emotional state or mood may occur as a result of Adora Tablet usage.

How to use:

  • Take one tablet daily.
  • Administer the tablet along with an adequate diet.
  • Dosage may be increased during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Consult a healthcare professional for personalized recommendations.

Uses in pregnancy:

  • Safe for use during pregnancy.
  • Provides crucial mineral support during the increased demands of pregnancy.
  • Consultation with a healthcare provider is recommended before incorporating it into the prenatal routine.


  • Pregnancy: Safe during pregnancy, but consultation with a doctor is recommended.
  • Lactation: It is safe for lactating mothers, but consulting a doctor is advisable.
  • Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol should be avoided while taking this medicine.


Caution is advised for patients with kidney impairment, severe immobilization (prolonged bed rest, presence of plaster), and a history of kidney stones.


This supplement is contraindicated in patients with hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria.


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