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Smart Healer Digital Marketing Agency Services and Infrastructure for Doctors, Clinics, and Hospital

Smart Healer Digital Marketing Agency Services and Infrastructure for Doctors, Clinics, and Hospital

  • September 10, 2023

Smart Healer Digital Marketing Agency Services and Infrastructure for Doctors, Clinics, and Hospital

Smart Healer is a digital advertising agency that promotes Doctors, Clinics, and Hospitals through digital marketing. Along with this also provides digital infrastructure to healthcare professionals, clinics, and hospitals for telemedicine services and digital marketing.

Smart Healer is the only Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan that creates effective digital marketing strategies for Doctors, Clinics, and Hospitals to generate leads, grow patients and practice, and increase revenue.

The ultimate goal of any marketing activity is to maximize business exposure and customer conversion, and the same is true for digital marketing. And such a goal can’t be achieved by just displaying Ads on a Digital Media Platform.

It requires a strategic effort that includes business understanding, market research, research about products, services, and expected customers, marketing content design, selection of digital platform for advertisement, marketing budget distribution, and remarketing plan. A set of these activities is known as a digital marketing strategy.

Smart Healers are experts in designing comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategies for healthcare professionals and businesses on all Digital Media Platforms including.

1.   Facebook

2.   YouTube

3.   Instagram

4.   Google

5.   WhatsApp

6.   TikTok

7.   Twitter

8.   LinkedIn

9.   SMS Marketing

10. Email Marketing


Smart Healer Digital Marketing Services for Doctors, Clinics, and Hospitals

Smart Healer provides the following Digital marketing services to their clients.

1)   Marketing Contents Designing and Creation

The outcome of any advertisement campaign depends upon its marketing content. Most of the digital campaigns of healthcare businesses fail due to their marketing content. There are two reasons for such failures.

One is that they violate the advertising policies of the country in which they are running ads or of the selected digital media platforms. Because most countries and digital media platforms do not allow direct advertisement of health-related content. You have to design such content to avoid such restrictions. Our team is an expert in designing such marketing content for health professionals and startups that would not come under these restrictions.

The second reason is that most digital marketers consider healthcare business customers as a buyer and they design their marketing content as they are engaging their audience for buying something. The psychology of a buyer is very different from that of a person who is worried about his health and is looking for information to make a healthcare decision. As a marketer, you will have to motivate a buyer to buy your product or service, While a person looking for information about their health you should educate or guide him about his health condition so that he can book your appointment.

For marketing a Doctor, Clinic, and Hospital you should design informative and educative content. Smart Healer marketing team helps you in designing such content.

2)   Audience Identification

The good thing with digital marketing is that it gives you control over the ad and who can watch it and who can’t, so by targeting the most relevant audience, you can maximize conversion.

But in the case of health-related content, most of the digital marketing platforms like Google ads and Facebook did not allow direct marketing of Doctors, Clinics, Medicines, and health-related products which makes it a challenging task for marketers. That makes audience identification difficult for marketing Doctors, Clinics, and Hospitals through built-in audience filtration systems of digital media platforms.

However, targeted audiences are crucial for running successful campaigns on digital media. So, Smart Healer’s team on the back end maintains a data bank of internet users. By applying Behavioral informatics techniques to the collected data our team can easily predict the interests and behavior of internet users. So, targeting users who have an interest in infertility-related content, products, and websites will maximize the conversion rate for infertility doctors.

3)   Digital Marketing Strategy Planning and Execution

Digital marketing is more strategic than conventional marketing. It requires a well-designed strategy with clear objectives and an execution plan.

Smart Healer plans and executes digital marketing strategies for doctors’ clinics and hospitals which involves tailoring online marketing efforts to the unique needs of healthcare providers.

It includes setting goals like patient acquisition and engagement, crafting content that educates patients and highlights expertise and patient success stories, leveraging SEO to enhance online visibility, utilizing social media for patient education and engagement, implementing targeted email marketing campaigns, and ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations.

The objective is to establish trust, educate patients, and efficiently connect healthcare providers with those seeking medical services in a digital age.

4)   Leads Generation and Conversion

Lead generation and conversion through a digital marketing strategy designed by Smart Healer for doctors, clinics, and hospitals focuses on using online strategies to attract potential patients, nurture their interest, and ultimately convert them into actual patients.

Smart Healer does this by creating targeted content that addresses healthcare concerns, optimizing online presence for search engines, running targeted social media and pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and employing email marketing to engage with leads.

Our marketing team on the backend professionally communicates with the engaged patients to establish credibility, build trust, and provide valuable information to potential patients, ultimately guiding them to choose the healthcare services offered by the clinic or hospital.

Effective tracking and analysis of digital marketing efforts play a vital role in optimizing lead generation and conversion strategies in the healthcare sector. That is why Smart Healer does weekly and monthly audits of all the digital strategies to get better results.

5)   Audience Tracking and Remarketing

Audience Tracking and Remarketing by Smart Healer Digital Advertising Agency is a strategic approach that empowers doctors and healthcare providers to reach and engage their target audience effectively.

Through meticulous tracking of online user behavior, we create tailored audiences and deliver personalized messages to potential patients through email, SMS, and WhatsApp marketing.

The data shows that 60% of the visitors do not convert into loyal patients for the first time. So, the Smart Healer marketing team track your online profile visitor on different digital media including social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. And target them in the remarketing strategy for effective results. This data-driven method ensures that doctors stay top-of-mind, boosting patient conversions and building lasting connections in the digital healthcare landscape.

Smart Healer’s Digital Marketing Infrastructure for Doctors, Clinics, and Hospitals

By establishing a robust digital marketing infrastructure, doctors, clinics, and hospitals can effectively connect with patients, build trust, and enhance their online presence in a competitive healthcare landscape.

It’s essential to adapt and evolve your digital marketing infrastructure to meet the changing needs of patients and stay ahead in the digital healthcare arena.

A solid digital marketing infrastructure is essential for doctors, clinics, and hospitals to effectively reach and engage with patients in the digital age.

Smarthealer.pk provides state-of-the-art digital marketing infrastructure for doctors, clinics, and hospitals to effectively execute their marketing strategy. Here are key components and considerations for the digital marketing infrastructure that Smart Healer provides.

1.   Landing Page/ Digital Profile

Landing pages and digital profiles are essential components of a digital marketing strategy for doctors and hospitals. They serve as critical touchpoints for potential patients and play a significant role in building trust, providing information, and driving conversions.

Here’s why a Doctor and Hospital should have a landing page and register a profile on smarthealer.pk

Landing pages and digital profiles are often the first interactions patients have with healthcare providers online. That is why smarthealer.pk provides doctors, and hospitals a well-designed and informative landing page to create a positive first impression and build trust.

Smarthealer.pk landing pages allow doctors and hospitals to convey essential information, such as services offered, medical expertise, patient testimonials, and contact details, all in one place.

A professional and well-maintained landing page or digital profile enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of doctors and healthcare institutions. Smarthealer.pk helps doctors create a professional landing page or profile without any technical efforts. Patients are more likely to choose providers they perceive as reliable and reputable.

Using smarthealer.pk Landing pages doctors can educate patients about medical conditions, treatment options, and preventive measures, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health through video and textual content.

The Landing pages that smarthealer.pk provided to doctors and hospitals is designed to convert visitors into patients. They include clear calls to action (CTAs) like appointment scheduling, contact information, physical address, and Google map location.

Smart Healer’s Digital marketing team on the backend optimizes the landing pages and digital profiles that improve a doctor’s or hospital’s online visibility. They are indexed by search engines and can help attract organic traffic when they contain relevant keywords. Also, our team register you on Google My Business and do local SEO for doctors and hospital landing page and profile.

Smarthealer.pk marketing team will optimize Doctor’s and Hospital’s Landing pages for specific campaigns or services, allowing for highly targeted marketing efforts. This is particularly useful when promoting specialized medical services or events.

Smarthealer.pk Digital profiles include patient portals, enabling patients to interact and communicate securely with their healthcare providers. This enhances patient engagement and satisfaction.

The Digital profiles and landing pages that smarthealer.pk provided to Doctors, Clinics, and Hospitals are well-equipped with analytics tools to track user behavior. This data provides insights into visitor demographics, preferences, and interactions, helping refine marketing and remarketing strategies.

As of today 2023, we are living in a mobile-centric world, smarthealer.pk mobile-responsive landing pages ensure that patients can access information and services easily from their smartphones or tablets.

Smarthealer.pk Digital profiles can be used to manage online reputation by addressing patient reviews, testimonials, and feedback. Positive reviews and responses can enhance a doctor’s or hospital’s reputation.

Our Landing pages and digital profiles comply with healthcare regulations to protect patient privacy and data security.

In summary, landing pages and digital profiles are indispensable tools in the digital marketing arsenal of doctors and hospitals. They provide a platform to engage with patients, establish credibility, and drive conversions, ultimately contributing to the success of healthcare practices and institutions in the digital age.

2.   Online Appointment Booking

Online appointment booking for doctors is a digital service that allows patients to schedule medical appointments with healthcare providers through the Internet.

Using this module of smarthealer.pk Patients can easily access a doctor’s available time slots, select a suitable appointment for themselves or family members, and confirm it online, all from the comfort of their computer or mobile device.

This technology-driven approach enhances convenience, reduces administrative burdens, avoid patient long waiting in waiting area, and improves patient access to healthcare services, ultimately benefiting both patients and healthcare providers.

Online appointment booking system of smarthealer.pk support all scenarios of appointment booking including online appointment from home for both physical consultation and telemedicine consultation. And on-the-spot booking for walk-in clinic patients.

3.   Online Prescription Module

An online prescription module is a digital tool of smarthealer.pk that enables healthcare providers to electronically create and transmit prescriptions for medications to patients.

It streamlines the prescription process, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and convenience, while also promoting compliance with healthcare regulations and facilitating better patient care.

It is designed for two purposes One is to avoid revisiting of patient who is waiting for investigation. Sometimes doctors advise investigation e.g. CT scan, and MRI after completing the investigation the patient revisits the doctor’s clinic to get a prescription. Which is time and resource-consuming for both doctor and patient. This module enables doctors to prescribe medicine online to such patients to save time and avoid revisiting to clinic.

The other is if the doctor wants to give telemedicine services using smarthealer.pk Independent Telemedicine Clinic then this module enables doctors to prescribe medicine to patients online in a professional way rather than sharing on SMS and WhatsApp.

4.   Social Media Integration

Social media integration in a smart healer’s digital profile involves incorporating social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook into their online presence.

This integration allows smart healers to share expertise, engage with patients, promote healthcare content, and build trust within the digital healthcare community.

It enhances visibility, fosters patient education, and facilitates interaction with a wider audience, ultimately strengthening the smart healer’s online reputation and professional network.

5.   Control Doctor-Patient Communication

Controlling doctor-patient communication through a smart healer platform entails providing a secure and efficient digital environment for healthcare professionals and patients to interact.

This platform of smarthealer.pk offers features like secure messaging, appointment scheduling, telemedicine capabilities, and access to medical records, giving doctors control over their patient communication while ensuring privacy, convenience, and effective healthcare delivery.

It empowers healthcare providers to manage patient interactions seamlessly and enhance the overall patient experience.

The built-in doctor-patient communication system allows doctors and patients to share textual messages, voice notes, files, documents, and video clips with each other in a secure and private environment.

6.   Clinic/Hospital Location Finder

A clinic or hospital location finder within a smart healer platform is a digital tool that helps patients easily locate and navigate to healthcare facilities.

It typically includes features like searchable maps, facility details, directions, and contact information for various clinics and hospitals in the network.

This feature enhances patient convenience by ensuring they can quickly access healthcare services, while also providing healthcare providers with a means to promote their practice locations effectively.

7.   Independent Telemedicine Clinic

An independent telemedicine clinic on a smart healer platform is a virtual healthcare practice run by a healthcare provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, etc.) that offers remote medical consultations and services to patients.

It operates through the platform, allowing patients to schedule online appointments, have video consultations with healthcare professionals, receive e-prescriptions, and access medical records securely.

Smarthealer.pk provides patients with convenient and accessible healthcare while giving healthcare providers a digital space to deliver high-quality telemedicine services independently.

8.   Strong Patient Review System

A strong patient review system within a smart healer platform is a robust digital tool that allows patients to provide feedback and reviews about their healthcare experiences with providers.

It provides a user-friendly interface for patients to rate and comment on their visits, treatments, and interactions with healthcare professionals.

This system not only helps healthcare providers gather valuable feedback to improve their services but also assists prospective patients in making informed decisions by accessing authentic patient reviews when choosing a healthcare provider.

9.   Health Discussion Forum 

A smart healer Health Discussion Forum is an online community or platform where individuals can engage in discussions, share experiences, and seek advice related to various health and medical topics.

It provides a space for users to ask questions, exchange information, and offer support to one another on health-related matters.

These forums are typically moderated to ensure accurate and reliable information, fostering a collaborative and informative environment for individuals seeking health-related insights and guidance.

10.  Textual Contents Creation and Sharing

Textual content is crucial for generating organic traffic for doctors because it serves as the informational backbone of their online presence. By providing valuable, relevant, and authoritative content, doctors can achieve several important objectives:

Well-optimized textual content helps doctors’ profiles rank higher in search engine results. This means that when potential patients search for healthcare information or services, the doctor’s website is more likely to appear, driving organic traffic.

Informative articles, blog posts, and guides empower patients with knowledge about medical conditions, treatments, and healthcare practices. This not only positions the doctor as an expert but also helps patients make informed decisions about their health.

High-quality content demonstrates the doctor’s expertise and commitment to patient care. When patients find reliable information on a doctor’s website, it fosters trust, making them more likely to consider the doctor for their healthcare needs.

Regularly updated content keeps patients engaged and encourages them to revisit the website or subscribe to newsletters. This ongoing engagement can lead to stronger patient-doctor relationships and increased referrals.

Content can be used to create a sense of community and support for patients dealing with specific medical conditions. This can lead to increased organic traffic as patients share helpful resources with others facing similar health challenges.

For doctors with physical practices, localized content can attract patients from the surrounding area. By incorporating location-specific keywords and information, doctors can improve their visibility to local patients seeking healthcare services.

In summary, textual content is instrumental in attracting organic traffic for doctors by improving search engine rankings, educating patients, building trust, fostering engagement, and addressing the unique needs of their target audience. It is a fundamental component of effective digital marketing for healthcare professionals. Smarthealer.pk enables doctors to create and share textual content with patients.


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