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Ketosteril tablet


Ketosteril Tablet is a medication for kidney disease, supporting renal function, and reducing protein breakdown by providing essential amino acids and keto acids.


ketosteril tablet: Uses, Formula, Side effect, Dosage, & Price

Ketosteril Tablet is a medication commonly prescribed for individuals with kidney disease. These tablets play a crucial role in supporting renal function and delaying the progression of chronic kidney disease. By reducing protein breakdown and decreasing the production of toxic substances, these tablets help alleviate the burden on the kidneys. They provide essential amino acids and keto acids, ensuring a balanced intake and supporting the nutritional needs of individuals with impaired kidney function.


  • Composition: These tablets contain a specific combination of essential amino acids, such as methionine, threonine, leucine, and valine, along with keto acids, such as alpha-ketoglutarate and calcium hydroxy-methylbutyrate.
  • Scientifically Formulated: The unique formula of Ketosteril tablets is scientifically developed to support kidney function and mitigate the effects of chronic kidney disease.


  • Aiding in Renal Function: This tablet is primarily used to support renal function and delay the progression of chronic kidney disease.
  • Controlling Nitrogen Balance: These tablets help control the nitrogen balance in the body by regulating the intake of essential amino acids and keto acids.
  • Reducing Uremic Toxins: It can assist in reducing the accumulation of uremic toxins, which can lead to various complications in individuals with kidney disease.
  • Supporting Nutritional Needs: The tablets help meet the nutritional requirements of individuals with kidney disease by providing essential amino acids and keto acids.
  • Preventing Malnutrition: These tablets are beneficial in preventing malnutrition, a common complication of kidney disease.
  • Supporting Protein Restriction: These tablets aid in adhering to protein restriction diets, which are essential for managing kidney disease.
  • Enhancing Kidney Function: Ketosteril tablets have been found to enhance kidney function by improving glomerular filtration rate and reducing proteinuria.
  • Slowing Down Disease Progression: Regular use of these tablets has shown promising results in slowing down the progression of chronic kidney disease.
  • Minimizing Dialysis Frequency: By helping delay the need for dialysis, Ketosteril tablets can improve the quality of life of individuals with kidney disease.
  • Improving Nutritional Status: These tablets contribute to improving the nutritional status of individuals with kidney disease, leading to better overall health.

Ketosteril Tablets for Kidney:

  • Handling Kidney Disease: Ketosteril pills are essential for controlling kidney disease since they aid in impeding the kidneys’ gradual deterioration.
  • Reducing Protein Intake: The keto acids and necessary amino acids in these pills assist lessen the strain on the kidneys by lowering the rate at which protein is broken down and the amount of harmful compounds that are produce.

Uses in Urdu:

رینل فنکشن میں مدد: یہ گولیاں بنیادی طور پر گردوں کے کام کو سپورٹ کرنے اور گردے کی دائمی بیماری کے بڑھنے میں تاخیر کے لیے استعمال ہوتی ہیں۔
نائٹروجن کے توازن کو کنٹرول کرنا: یہ گولیاں ضروری امینو ایسڈز اور کیٹو ایسڈز کی مقدار کو منظم کرکے جسم میں نائٹروجن کے توازن کو کنٹرول کرنے میں مدد کرتی ہیں۔۔

معاون غذائیت کی ضروریات: گولیاں ضروری امینو ایسڈ اور کیٹو ایسڈ فراہم کرکے گردوں کی بیماری میں مبتلا افراد کی غذائی ضروریات کو پورا کرنے میں مدد کرتی ہیں۔
غذائی قلت سے بچاؤ: یہ گولیاں گردوں کی بیماری کی ایک عام پیچیدگی، غذائی قلت کو روکنے میں فائدہ مند ہیں۔
پروٹین کی پابندی کی حمایت: یہ گولیاں پروٹین کی پابندی والی خوراک پر عمل کرنے میں مدد کرتی ہیں، جو گردے کی بیماری کے انتظام کے لیے ضروری ہیں۔

گردے کے فنکشن کو بڑھانا: کیٹوسٹیرل گولیاں گلوومیرولر فلٹریشن کی شرح کو بہتر بنا کر اور پروٹینوریا کو کم کر کے گردے کے افعال کو بڑھانے کے لیے پائی گئی ہیں۔
بیماری کی ترقی کو کم کرنا: Ketosteril گولیوں کے باقاعدگی سے استعمال نے گردے کی دائمی بیماری کی ترقی کو کم کرنے میں امید افزا نتائج دکھائے ہیں۔
.ڈائیلاسز کی فریکوئنسی کو کم سے کم کرنا،

Side effect:

Some potential side effects of Ketosteril tablet are:


  • Mild Side Effects: Constipation, nausea, and vomiting are examples of gastrointestinal pain that is frequently experienced by people taking these tablets.
  • Allergic Reactions: Rarely, people may develop allergic reactions, which might include breathing difficulties, edema, rash, itching, or swelling. If any of these symptoms appear, you should get medical help right away.
  • Individual Sensitivity: Since each patient may react differently to ketosteril, it’s critical to keep an eye on how they are responding to the tablets.


Choosing the Correct Dosage: The amount of ketosteril pills depends on the patient’s health and the degree of renal illness. For precise dose requirements, consulting a healthcare professional is important.

Directions for Dosage: The recommended dosage is often three to eight tablets taken several times per day. The patient’s weight, renal function, and overall health are just a few of the factors that the doctor or other healthcare professional will consider when determining the appropriate dosage.

Price in Pakistan:

ketosteril tablet price in Pakistan is Rs/4137.00


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