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Al Jannat Hospital and Infertility Center Swabi Al Jannat Hospital and Infertility Center Swabi

Experience excellence in healthcare with Al Jannat Hospital & Infertility Centre in Swabi. Leading healthcare with skilled professionals and advanced facilities.

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About “Al Jannat Hospital and Infertility Center Swabi”

Welcome to Al Jannat Hospital and Infertility Centre in Swabi, your premier destination for quality healthcare. Our facility specialises in pulmonology, gynaecology, surgery, and urology, offering a broad spectrum of medical services. With a dedicated team of professionals and advanced technologies, we prioritise your well-being. From respiratory care to women’s health, surgeries, and urological interventions, our commitment is to deliver excellence in every aspect of your healthcare journey. Trust Al Jannat Hospital for specialised medical expertise and compassionate care in Swabi. Your health is our priority.

Offered Services

Pulmonology 3 Services
Pulmonary Rehabilitation ₨1,000.00

Our Pulmonology Rehabilitation services in Swabi provide individualized care and support for individuals dealing with breathing problems. It focuses on improving lung health and performance.

Asthma ₨1,000.00

We offered Asthma Care services dedicated to providing personalized support for individuals dealing with asthma. This service focuses on optimizing respiratory health to manage and alleviate asthma symptoms. Whether you're seeking assistance in managing asthma on a daily basis or looking to improve your lung health overall, our collaborative approach aims to empower individuals to lead a healthier and more active life, free from the constraints of asthma.

Cystic Fibrosis ₨1,000.00

Get personalized care for cystic fibrosis from our experienced Doctors. We know all about this situation and can help people in Pakistan in a way that fits their needs.

Obstetrics and gynecology
Obstetrics and gynecology 3 Services
Gynecology ₨1,000.00

Through our full range of Gynecology services here in Al Jannat Hospital in Swabi, we are committed to providing expert care for women's health. Our team of skilled doctors is dedicated to completing gynecologic procedures with care and accuracy.

Gynecologic Surgery ₨1,000.00

Our commitment is to deliver specialized care for women's health through our Gynecologic Surgery services. Experienced doctors dedicated to performing gynecologic surgeries with precision and compassion. Be it a routine procedure or a more intricate surgery, our central focus is on maintaining the health and well-being of our patients.

Infertility and Reproductive Surgery ₨1,000.00

Access empathetic and personalized Infertility Services at Al Jannat Hospital in Swabi. Specialized doctors in our dedicated team are experts in tailoring diagnostic and treatment options for individuals and couples struggling with fertility issues. Whether you're in the initial stages of exploring fertility solutions or looking into advanced interventions, you can depend on us for compassionate assistance as you progress on your path to building a family.

Surgery 3 Services
General surgery ₨1,000.00

Choose our expert surgeons for their proficiency in a diverse range of general surgical procedures. At this hospital, our primary focus is to help our patients have the best outcomes and heal as quickly as possible.

Thoracic Surgery ₨1,000.00

Dedicated thoracic surgeons at this Healthcare Center are committed to providing precise and compassionate care for thoracic conditions, ensuring your overall health.

Pediatric surgery ₨1,000.00

Ensure the best surgical care for your child with specialized pediatric surgery services at Al Jannat Hospital in Swabi. Developed to address the specific needs of young children.

Urology 4 Services
General Urology ₨1,000.00

Receive extensive urological care that covers a range of conditions to promote your urological health. Specialists at our Hospital focus on personalized treatment plans crafted for all residents of Pakistan.

Kidney Disorders ₨1,000.00

The best doctors at Al Jannat Hospital focuses on managing kidney disorders. Providing individualized treatment plans to improve kidney health and overall well-being for the locals as well as all over the country.

Male infertility ₨1,000.00

Experience compassionate care for male infertility issues with experienced Doctors. Al Jannat Hospital address specific concerns, providing support throughout the journey to parenthood.

Prostate Health ₨1,000.00

Put your prostate health first with our services that are tailored to the needs of people in Swabi. Our expert care and preventative measures help you stay healthy and happy for a long time.


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