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Sustac 2.6mg tablet

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Sustac Tablet 2.6mg is a nitrate vasodilator medication used to treat and prevent chest pain (angina) caused by a lack of oxygen supply to the heart muscles. It relaxes blood vessels, increasing blood flow and reducing the workload on the heart. It is also used in managing acute congestive heart failure, treating chronic heart failure, and emergency hypertension management.



Sustac Tablet uses:

Sustac Tablet 2.6mg, containing glyceryl trinitrate, is a vasodilator medication that widens blood vessels, increases heart muscle blood flow, and alleviates chest pain (angina), including:

  • Treatment of acute episodes of angina pectoris (chest pain) caused by coronary artery disease.
  • Prevention of angina attacks in patients with a history of recurrent episodes.
  • Management of chronic stable angina to improve exercise tolerance and quality of life.
  • Emergency treatment of an acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) to reduce chest pain and improve blood flow to the heart.
  • Heart’s left ventricular failure accompanying a heart attack
  • Sudden and intense vasoconstriction of the heart arteries
  • High blood pressure during cardiac surgery.

Sustac Tablet Uses in Urdu:

Sustac Tablet 2.6mg

ایک واسوڈیلیٹر دوا ہے جو خون کی نالیوں کو چوڑا کرتی ہے، دل کے پٹھوں میں خون کے بہاؤ کو بڑھاتی ہے، اور سینے کے درد (انجائنا) کو کم کرتی ہے، بشمول

کورونری دمنی کی بیماری کی وجہ سے انجائنا پیکٹوریس (سینے میں درد) کی شدید اقساط کا علاج۔
بار بار آنے والی مریضوں میں انجائنا کے حملوں کی روک تھام۔
ورزش کی رواداری اور معیار زندگی کو بہتر بنانے کے لیے دائمی مستحکم انجائنا کا انتظام۔
سینے کے درد کو کم کرنے اور دل میں خون کے بہاؤ کو بہتر بنانے کے لیے شدید مایوکارڈیل انفکشن (ہارٹ اٹیک) کا ہنگامی علاج۔
دل کے بائیں ویںٹرکولر کی ناکامی دل کے دورے کے ساتھ
کارڈیک سرجری کے دوران ہائی بلڈ پریشر۔

Active ingredient:

Sustac Tablet 2.6 mg’s active ingredients are:

  • Glyceryl trinitrate

Sustac Tablet Side Effects:

Possible side effects of Sustac Tablet 2.6mg include:

  • Hypotension (low blood pressure)
  • Tachycardia (rapid heart rate)
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Fainting (syncope)
  • Reflex tachycardia
  • Methemoglobinemia (rare).

Sustac Tablet Precautions:

  • Avoid concurrent use with phosphodiesterase inhibitors (e.g., sildenafil, tadalafil) due to the risk of severe hypotension.
  • Monitor blood pressure and heart rate regularly during treatment, especially with dosage adjustments.
  • Educate patients on proper sublingual administration techniques for rapid relief of angina attacks.
  • Store Sustac tablets appropriately according to package instructions to maintain stability and efficacy.

Sustac tablet dosage:

  • For Acute Relief of Angina Symptoms:
    • The typical dose for acute angina attacks is 0.3 to 0.6 mg of glyceryl trinitrate sublingually (under the tongue) or buccally (between the cheek and gum).
    • The tablet should be placed under the tongue or between the cheek and gum and allowed to dissolve without chewing or swallowing.
    • If the angina symptoms persist after 5 minutes, a second dose may be administered.
    • The maximum number of doses within 15 minutes should generally not exceed 3 tablets.
  • For Prophylactic Use (Prevention of Angina):
    • The typical dose for prophylactic use is one Sustac Tablet 2.6mg (2.6mg of glyceryl trinitrate) taken sublingually or buccally, usually 15 minutes before anticipated physical exertion or emotional stress that may trigger angina.
    • The tablet should be allowed to dissolve under the tongue or between the cheek and gum.

Price in Pakistan:

Sustac 2.6mg tablet is available in Pakistan for Rs. 270.8.


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