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Ossobon d syrup


Ossobon-D Kids Suspension, a vitamin D-enriched calcium supplement, supports bone health in kids by treating diseases like rickets and osteoporosis, promoting fracture healing, and preventing delayed callus development.


Ossobon d syrup: uses, benefits and price in Pakistan

Ossobon-D Kids suspension is a reliable partner in strengthening bone health. It is designed specifically to treat diseases like rickets and osteoporosis and encourage healthy bone development in kids. This vitamin D-enriched calcium supplement is essential for maintaining bone health and promoting the healing of fractures, including delayed callus development.


Some uses of Ossobon d syrup are:

  • Bone fortification
  • Treating osteoporosis
  • Treatment of childhood rickets
  • Promotion of bone development
  • Assist with delayed healing fractures
  • Mineral requirements increase during pregnancy and lactation.


  1. ہڈیوں کو مضبوط بنانا
  2. استخوان کی کمزوری کا علاج
  3. بچوں میں رکٹس کا علاج
  4. ہڈیوں کی بڑھتی ہوئی نشوونما
  5. دیر سے ٹھیک ہونے والے ٹوٹے ہوئے ہڈیوں کا علاج
  6. حمل اور دودھ کی فیضانی کیلئے ضرورت محسوس کرتے وقت معدنیات کی ضرورت کا پورا ہونا


Key benefits of Ossobon D syrup include:

  • Bone Strengthening: Reinforces bone structure, resulting in stronger bones and a lower incidence of fractures and bone-related disorders.
  • Improved Bone Density: aids in the increase of bone mineral density, which is essential for general skeletal health and resistance to bone illnesses.
  • Vitamin D Enrichment: This includes the benefits of vitamin D, such as improved calcium absorption and healthy bone formation.
  • Preventive Measures: Prevents problems such as osteoporosis and rickets, resulting in greater bone health in children and adults.
  • Supports Growth: Promotes healthy growth in youngsters by supplying the nutrients required for strong bone development and growth spurts.
  • Healing Support: By supporting the bone’s healing process, it aids in the timely and efficient healing of fractures, particularly those with delayed callus formation.
  • Pregnancy and Lactation Support: Provides necessary minerals during critical stages of pregnancy and lactation.


Ossobon D syrup is available for Rs 280 in Pakistan.



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