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Lysovit syrup


Lysovit syrup is a dietary supplement rich in essential vitamins and minerals that is beneficial for red blood cell production, energy utilization, and nervous system health.


Lysovit Syrup: Uses, benefits, Side Effects, and Price in Pakistan

Lysovit syrup is a dietary product that has lysine, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and other important vitamins and minerals. It keeps people from getting enough vitamins because they are sick, don’t eat well, or are pregnant. The syrup is good for many body processes, including making red blood cells, using energy, and keeping the nervous system healthy.


Syp Lysovit is a multivitamin syrup that contains a combination of B vitamins, vitamin C, and lysine. The specific ingredients in this syrup are as follows:

  • Thiamine HCl
  • Riboflavin USP
  • Pyridoxine HCl
  • Niacinamide USP
  • D-Panthenol USP
  • Cyanocobalamin USP
  • Ascorbic Acid (USP)
  • Inositol USP
  • Lysine Monohydrochloride USP


Some uses of Lysovit syrup includes:

  • Promoting overall health: The combination of essential vitamins and minerals in this syrup supports various bodily functions, promoting overall health and well-being.
  • Supporting the immune system: Vitamin C, present in this syrup, is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body against free radical damage and supports the immune system. It can be particularly helpful in boosting the immune system during times of illness or stress.
  • Improving skin health: Both vitamin C and lysine, found in this syrup, are important for maintaining healthy skin and connective tissues. The syrup can aid in promoting healthy skin and improving the healing of wounds and other skin conditions.
  • Preventing and treating cold sores and herpes infections: Lysine, an essential amino acid in it has antiviral properties and is used to prevent and treat cold sores and herpes infections. It can assist to lessen the frequency and intensity of outbreaks.

Uses in Urdu:

مجموعی صحت کو فروغ دینا: اس شربت میں ضروری وٹامنز اور معدنیات کا مجموعہ مختلف جسمانی افعال کو سہارا دیتا ہے، مجموعی صحت اور تندرستی کو فروغ دیتا ہے۔
مدافعتی نظام کو سہارا دیتا ہے: اس شربت میں موجود وٹامن سی ایک طاقتور اینٹی آکسیڈنٹ ہے جو جسم کو فری ریڈیکل نقصان سے بچانے میں مدد کرتا ہے اور مدافعتی نظام کو سہارا دیتا ہے۔ یہ بیماری یا تناؤ کے وقت مدافعتی نظام کو بڑھانے میں خاص طور پر مددگار ثابت ہو سکتا ہے۔
جلد کی صحت کو بہتر بنانا: اس شربت میں پائے جانے والے وٹامن سی اور لائسین دونوں صحت مند جلد اور جوڑنے والے ٹشوز کو برقرار رکھنے کے لیے اہم ہیں۔ شربت صحت مند جلد کو فروغ دینے اور زخموں کی شفا یابی اور جلد کی دیگر حالتوں کو بہتر بنانے میں مدد کر سکتا ہے۔
سردی کے زخموں اور ہرپس کے انفیکشن کی روک تھام اور علاج: لائسین، اس میں ایک ضروری امینو ایسڈ اینٹی وائرل خصوصیات رکھتا ہے اور اسے سردی کے زخموں اور ہرپس کے انفیکشن کو روکنے اور علاج کرنے کے لیے استعمال کیا جاتا ہے۔ یہ پھیلنے کی تعدد اور شدت کو کم کرنے میں مدد کر سکتا ہے۔


Key benefits of Lysovit syrup include:

  • Nutritional Support: Provides essential B complex and Vitamin C, offering crucial nutritional support during pregnancy and addressing hyperemesis.
  • Neurological Well-being: Contains Vitamin B complex, beneficial for neurological health and effective in cases of neuritis.
  • Convalescence Support: Supports recovery after illness or injury, aiding in the slow return to health and strength.
  • General Debility: Combats general debility, addressing the loss of strength and promoting overall vitality.
  • Children’s Growth: Beneficial for children’s growth and development, ensuring they receive necessary vitamins.
  • Weight Management: Effective in cases of weight loss and appetite issues, providing a nutritional boost.
  • Deficiency Correction: Remedy for Vitamin B complex and C deficiencies, replenishing essential nutrients.
  • Dietary Supplement for Mothers: Acts as a dietary supplement for pregnant and lactating females, supporting maternal and fetal health.

Side effects:

Some side effects of the Lysovit Syrup are:

  • Temporary Gastrointestinal Effects:
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach
  • Rare Allergic Reactions:
  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Swelling (especially on the tongue, throat, and face)
  • Difficulty breathing

Drug Interactions:

Lysovit syrup may interact with certain medications, including:

  • Antibiotics: Vitamin C in this syrup can increase the absorption of antibiotics such as tetracyclines and fluoroquinolones, which may decrease their effectiveness.
  • Blood thinners: Vitamin E, a component of it can increase the risk of bleeding when taken with blood-thinning medications such as warfarin.
  • Antacids: Antacids containing aluminum and magnesium can decrease the absorption of vitamin B12, which is present in this.
  • Proton pump inhibitors: Proton pump inhibitors can also decrease the absorption of vitamin B12, which is present in this medication.


  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women should see their doctor before using this medication.
  • Lactation: This medicine passes into breast milk, so its usage in lactating mothers should be done after consulting a doctor or pharmacist.


  • Consult your doctor or pharmacist before use, informing them about allergies, past medical history, and any use/abuse of alcohol.
  • If the brand contains folic acid, inform the doctor if you have Vitamin B12 deficiency (pernicious anemia) as folic acid can affect some laboratory tests for Vitamin B12 deficiency without treating the anemia.
  • Be aware of the possibility of the product containing inactive ingredients that might cause allergic reactions or other problems.

Price in Pakistan:

Lysovit syrup are available for Rs 111 in Pakistan.


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