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Getryl tablets 4mg

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Getryl tablets 4mg are commonly used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus. It contains the active ingredient glimepiride which belongs to the class of drugs known as sulfonylureas and works by stimulating the release of insulin from the pancreas, thereby helping to lower blood sugar levels. It is manufactured by Getz pharmaceuticals company.



Getryl tablets 4mg uses

Getryl tablet is primarily prescribed for the management of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus offering several key benefits in controlling blood sugar levels and preventing associated complications:

1. Management of Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2 Diabetes)

Getryl is primarily prescribed for individuals with type 2 diabetes who do not require insulin therapy for glycemic control.

2. Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

Getryl helps regulate blood glucose levels by stimulating the release of insulin from the pancreas, thereby aiding in the management of hyperglycemia associated with type 2 diabetes.

3. Prevention of Complications

By effectively controlling blood sugar levels, Getryl may help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes-related complications, such as organ damage, neuropathy, and cardiovascular diseases.

Getryl tablets 4mg uses in urdu

غیر انسولین پر منحصر ذیابیطس میلیتس (ٹائپ 2 ذیابیطس) کا انتظام: گیٹریل بنیادی طور پر ٹائپ 2 ذیابیطس والے افراد کے لیے تجویز کی جاتی ہے جنہیں گلیسیمک کنٹرول کے لیے انسولین تھراپی کی ضرورت نہیں ہوتی ہے۔
بلڈ شوگر کی سطح کو کم کرنا: یہ گولیاں لبلبہ سے انسولین کے اخراج کو تحریک دے کر خون میں گلوکوز کی سطح کو منظم کرنے میں مدد کرتی ہیں، اس طرح ٹائپ 2 ذیابیطس سے وابستہ ہائپرگلیسیمیا کے انتظام میں مدد کرتی ہیں۔
پیچیدگیوں کی روک تھام: خون میں شکر کی سطح کو مؤثر طریقے سے کنٹرول کرنے سے، یہ دوا ذیابیطس سے متعلقہ پیچیدگیوں، جیسے اعضاء کو پہنچنے والے نقصان، نیوروپتی، اور قلبی امراض کے آغاز کو روکنے یا اس میں تاخیر میں مدد کرتی ہے۔


The dosage of Getryl varies depending on factors such as the patient’s medical condition, response to treatment, and other medications they may be taking. However, a typical starting dose for adults is usually around 1 to 2 milligrams (mg) taken orally once daily, preferably with breakfast or the first main meal of the day.

Side effects

Some side effects of Getryl tablets 4mg are:

  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances (nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea)
  • Allergic reactions (rash, itching, swelling)
  • Liver impairment
  • Skin reactions
  • Visual disturbances
  • Abnormal Vitamin B-12 levels


Before using Getryl pills, you should be aware of the following warnings:

  • Pregnancy: Getryl is not recommended for pregnant females due to potential adverse effects on the unborn child. Consult a doctor for more information.
  • Lactation: Getryl is not recommended for nursing females as it may have adverse effects on the infant. Consult a doctor for more information.
  • Driving: Getryl may cause dizziness, so avoid driving immediately after taking it.
  • Liver: Patients with liver issues should use Getryl cautiously. Dose adjustment may be required. Consult a doctor for more information.
  • Kidney: Patients with kidney issues should use Getryl cautiously. Dose adjustment may be required. Consult a doctor for more information.
  • Alcohol: Avoid alcohol consumption while using Getryl, as it may increase the severity of side effects.


These are the precautions associated with Getryl:

  • Medical History: Before using Getryl, inform your doctor about your complete medical history, especially regarding heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.
  • Discontinuation: Do not discontinue Getryl without informing your doctor.
  • Current Medications: Inform your doctor about all your current medicines and significant past medical history.
  • Surgery: Inform your doctor if you are undergoing any surgery.

Price in Pakistan

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