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Epti syrup


Commonly used to treat hunger-related problems, Epti Syrup is a natural appetite activator. It has a blend of herbal extracts from fennel, fenugreek, ginger, and mint.


Epti Syrup: Introduction, Uses, Benefits, Dosage and Price in Pakistan:

A product called Epti Syrup is described as a natural appetite stimulant and is available in Pakistan. Herbal extracts including mint, ginger, fennel, and fenugreek are included. The syrup’s purpose is to increase dietary intake to meet the body’s nutritional needs in growing children and adults by stimulating appetite, boosting energy, and regulating digestion.


  • Epti syrup increases appetite in people who don’t feel like they need to eat.
  • Boosting food consumption in developing kids who might not be very hungry.
  • Providing vital nutrients to increase energy levels.
  • Regulating digestion and enhancing gastrointestinal performance.
  • Supporting weight gain in those who struggle with weight gain.
  • Epti syrup improves the uptake and use of nutrients.
  • Treating appetite loss brought on by specific drugs or medical issues.
  • Motivating people with low appetites to adopt good eating practices.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet in general.
  • Reducing indigestion or discomfort in the digestive system.
  • Helping someone recover from an orthopedic treatment or sickness.
  • Facilitating children’s healthy development and growth.
  • Providing the body with the necessary nutrients to strengthen the immunity.

Uses in Urdu:

ان لوگوں میں بھوک میں اضافہ جو محسوس نہیں کرتے کہ انہیں کھانے کی ضرورت ہے۔
ترقی پذیر بچوں میں کھانے کی کھپت کو بڑھانا جو شاید بہت بھوکے نہ ہوں۔ 
توانائی کی سطح کو بڑھانے کے لیے اہم غذائی اجزاء فراہم کرنا۔ 
عمل انہضام کو منظم کرنا اور معدے کی کارکردگی کو بڑھانا۔ 
وزن میں اضافے کے ساتھ جدوجہد کرنے والوں میں وزن میں اضافے کی حمایت کرنا۔ 
غذائی اجزاء کے استعمال اور استعمال کو بہتر بنائیں۔ 
مخصوص ادویات یا طبی مسائل کی وجہ سے بھوک میں کمی کا علاج۔ 
کم بھوک والے لوگوں کو کھانے کے اچھے طریقوں کو اپنانے کی ترغیب دینا۔ 
عام طور پر صحت مند غذا کو برقرار رکھنا۔ 
نظام ہضم میں بدہضمی یا تکلیف کو کم کرنا۔
کسی کو آرتھوپیڈک علاج یا بیماری سے صحت یاب ہونے میں مدد کرنا۔ 
بچوں کی صحت مند نشوونما اور نشوونما میں سہولت فراہم کرنا۔ 
قوت مدافعت کو مضبوط بنانے کے لیے جسم کو ضروری غذائی اجزاء فراہم کرنا۔


  • Concerns about loss of appetite brought on by specific drugs or other conditions.
  • Enables those with low appetites to adopt good eating habits.
  • Boosts the general health of the dietary system.
  • Reduces indigestion and other stomach problems.
  • Helps in the healing process following medical procedures or illness.
  • Epti syrup stimulates children’s normal development and growth.
  • Treats loss of appetite brought on by stress or anxiety.
  • Epti syrup contains vital nutrients that strengthen the immune system.
  • According to the plant extracts used to make the syrup, it can have antioxidant qualities.


4–11 years old. 12 years of age and older: 1-2 teaspoons twice or three times a day. Twice or thrice a day, use a teaspoon or two.


Epti syrup available price in Pakistan is Rs.305


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