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Epokine 2000IU injection


Epokine 2000IU injection: Epietin Alfa is the main ingredient. It is a man-made version of erythropoietin, a hormone that helps the body make more red blood cells.


Epokine 2000IU injection: Uses, Side Effects, Benefits and Price

Epokine 2000IU injection is a pharmaceutical formulation designed to address conditions associated with low red blood cell counts. The active ingredient, Epoetin Alfa, is a synthetic form of erythropoietin, a hormone responsible for stimulating the production of red blood cells in the body.


Each ml of Epokine 2000IU injection contains Epoetin Alfa (2000 International Units).


  1. Anemia associated with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): It is often used to treat anemia in people who are on dialysis and have chronic kidney disease. It tells the bone marrow to make more red blood cells, which makes it easier for the body to carry oxygen.
  2. Chemotherapy-Induced Anemia: A drop in the number of red blood cells may happen in people with cancer who are getting treatment. It is given to these people to help control their anemia, which improves their quality of life and lowers their need for blood donations.
  3. Anemia in HIV-infected Patients: Epokine may be given to people with HIV who are taking certain medicines to help with the anemia that comes with these treatments.
  4. Reduction of Blood Transfusion Requirements: When there is a chance of losing a lot of blood during surgery or other medical procedures, Epokine may be given to cut down on the need for blood donations.

Side Effects:

Even though epokine injections are usually well tolerated, some people may have negative reactions to them. Some common side effects are:

  1. Hypertension: As a common side effect of this injection, high blood pressure may happen.
  2. Muscle Pain: Some people may feel muscle pain while taking this injection.
  3. Joint Pain: Joint pain is another result that could happen after taking the medicine.
  4. Flu-like Symptoms: Taking epokines may make you feel like you have the flu, with fever and chills.
  5. Rashes: Some people who take Epokine can get skin responses, like rashes.
  6. Risk of Thrombosis: There is a chance that Epokine use will raise the risk of blood clots (thrombosis).

It is very important for patients to tell their healthcare provider right away about any strange or severe side effects.


People who have anemia because of different medical problems can benefit from an Epokine 2000IU injection in a number of ways:

  1. Improved Quality of Life: By making more red blood cells, Epokine helps ease the signs of anemia, like feeling tired and weak, which makes life better overall.
  2. Reduced Dependence on Blood Transfusions: It can lower the number of times people need blood infusions, which lowers the risks and problems that come with them.
  3. Enhanced Exercise Capacity: It may help people with anemia improve their exercise tolerance and stamina, making it easier for them to do physical tasks.


Epokine can help both people who are on dialysis and people who are not on dialysis and who have anemia caused by chronic kidney disease (CKD). It is also used to treat anemia in HIV patients who are taking zidovudine.

Administration and Dosage

You can give epinephrine either intravenously or under the skin. The dose changes depending on the problem being treated and is based on what each patient needs.


  1. Chronic Renal Failure: People who have severe renal failure should be careful when taking Epokine, and the dose may need to be changed.
  2. Heart Disease: People who already have heart problems should be careful when taking Epokine.
  3. Hypertension: During Epokine treatment, people with hypertension (high blood pressure) should be closely watched.
  4. Pregnancy:Epokine should be used with care by pregnant women, and a doctor or nurse should decide if it is safe for them to use based on the possible benefits and risks.
  5. Lactation: Women who are breastfeeding should be careful when taking Epokine, and they should talk to a healthcare source before deciding whether to continue or stop breastfeeding.

Price in Pakistan:

Available at a Price of Rs 6210 in Pakistan



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