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Crafilm Chewable Tablets


Crafilm tablets, available in both regular and chewable forms, offer benefits for individual ailments, addressing various health issues and ensuring ease of administration.


Crafilm Tablets: Uses, Side Effects, and Price in Pakistan:

Crafilm tablets, which are available in both regular and chewable forms, are used for a variety of medicinal objectives that are adapted to individual ailments. These tablets are designed to address a variety of health issues, providing benefits that are in line with their formulation. Certain populations benefit from the chewable variety, which ensures ease of administration. The benefits of the pills include assisting in the management of various health disorders, although the exact benefits depend on the active components enclosed within. The cost of these tablets varies and is usually decided by variables other than the product’s name and dosage.


Some uses of Crafilm Chewable Tablets are:

Specific Medical Conditions Management: Tailored to handle a variety of health issues.
Treatment for Specific Ailments: intended to aid in the management of specific health issues.
Condition-Specific Support: Aimed at alleviating and assisting with varied medical demands.
Supporting Therapy: A supporting intervention is included in the therapy regimen for specific disorders.

Side effects:

  • Headaches: Some people have reported headaches on occasion.
  • Dizziness or Drowsiness: Feeling dizzy or tired on rare occasions.
  • Potential Interactions: May have undesirable effects when combined with other drugs or substances.
  • Skin rash, itching, or allergic responses are examples of allergic reactions.


Q1: What is the main reason for using these tablets (250 mg, 100 mg, 32)?
These tablets (250mg 100 mg, 32 S) are usually recommended to treat specific medical issues. The precise purpose and use may differ depending on the active substances.

Q2: Is Crafilm Tablet 250mg 100mg 32S available without a prescription?
A2:These tablets (250mg 100 mg, 32 S) are typically only accessible with a prescription, as noted in the product highlights.

Q3: Are there any special requirements for storing these tablets (250mg, 100mg, or 32 S)?
Keep the tablets in a cool, dry area and out of the reach of youngsters. Follow any storage instructions included with the product.


Available at Rs. 148 in Pakistan.


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