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Chloramphenicol Eye Drops

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Chloramphenicol eye drops a member of the antibiotic family, is used in ophthalmic preparations to treat eye infections. it contains chloramphenicol, used to treat bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye), Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea) blepharitis, other eye or eyelid infections, and corneal ulcers, it is also used to prevent post-surgery eye infections through preoperative-preparation.

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Chloramphenicol Eye Drops

Chloramphenicol eye drops are primarily used to treat bacterial eye infections, including:

  • Bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea)
  • Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids)
  • Other bacterial infections of the eye or eyelid.
  • Corneal ulcers
  • Preventing eye infections post-surgery
  • Preoperative preparation.

Chloramphenicol Eye Drops Uses in Urdu

:بنیادی طور پر آنکھوں کے بیکٹیریل انفیکشن کے علاج کے لیے استعمال ہوتے ہیں، بشمول Chloramphenicol Eye Drops

بیکٹیریل آشوب چشم (گلابی آنکھ)
کیریٹائٹس (کارنیا کی سوزش)
بلیفیرائٹس (پلکوں کی سوزش)
آنکھ یا پپوٹا کے دیگر بیکٹیریل انفیکشن۔
قرنیہ کے السر
سرجری کے بعد آنکھوں کے انفیکشن کی روک تھام
آپریشن سے پہلے کی تیاری۔


Chloramphenicol Eye Drops contain chloramphenicol, which inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by binding to the 50S ribosomal subunit of susceptible bacteria.

Chloramphenicol Eye Drops Dosage:

The dosage of chloramphenicol eye drops is determined by the severity of the infection and the patient’s age, following general guidelines.

  • For adults and children: Instill 1 or 2 drops into the affected eye(s) every 2 to 4 hours, depending on the severity of the infection.
  • The frequency and duration of treatment may vary based on the specific condition and the healthcare provider’s recommendations.

Chloramphenicol Eye Drop Side Effects:

Common side effects of chloramphenicol eye drops include:

  • Temporary burning or stinging sensation in the eye
  • Mild eye irritation
  • Blurred vision (temporary)
  • Allergic reactions (rare but possible)


  • Do not touch the tip of the dropper to any surface to avoid contamination.
  • It is advised to thoroughly wash your hands before and after using eye drops.
  • Do not wear contact lenses while using chloramphenicol eye drops unless directed by your healthcare provider.
  • Inform your healthcare provider if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any underlying medical conditions before using chloramphenicol eye drops.
  • If you experience eye irritation, sensitivity to light, or worsening symptoms while using the eye drops, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.

Price in Pakistan

Chloramphenicol Eye Drops are available for Rs. 35.00 in Pakistan.


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